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Over the last years we’ve been watching the exponential growth of surfing in Portugal, and worldwide. Besides the specific gear, currently, surfing industry as overcome several areas - like fashion, music, media, food, events, schools, etc. – which guarantee a nice and confortable environment to our sport. However, besides all this organization, it seem something essential is still missing… and that’s HEALTH!

Therefore, SUFISIO is on since 2011, as a new partner of Surfing in Portugal, that trough its actions and ideas can contribute to increase value among the surfing industry and its athletes.

Our main goals are reducing the number of injuries/year of the surfer and his rehabilitation period in case of injury, promoting a fast return to surfing and a better surfing performance.

Our mission is to Prevent and Treat surfing associated injuries, through our mojo “We Drop The Pain!”



SURFISIO’s clinical field

We provide Physiotherapy services with all the appropriate equipment, treating a rehabilitating athletes, according to the original injury mechanism


Functional Training

To smoother and powerfull surfing, without injuries

Our goal is to provide the pro-surfer or the weekend warrior surfer, an indoor surf training, fit to his goals and needs, never forgetting injury prevention.



To boost an athlete's surfing performance

We prepare surf athletes before and during competition, so that they can always be at their top level



Complementary Medicine

A powerful tool that we use, whenever fit appropriate, to approach well being as injury prevention and treatment


SURFISIO’s cinical field

We provide Physiotherapy services with all the appropriate equipment, treating a rehabilitating athletes, according to the original injury mechanism.

Besides all rehab is tailor-made, will always be based on competitive or recreational goals, concerning functionality towards the specific movement required.

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Taught for everyone

Physical training for surfers, based on specific movement patterns required in surfing, including:
- Proprioceptive training
- Specific muscular strengthening
- Muscle-skeletal reprograming
For competitors, communicating with the athlete and his coach, is crucial. According to the identified needs, it can be designed a programme to potentiate the athlete’s performance and help him to correct the most technical aspects concerning specific moving patterns and physical skills that surfing demands.

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For all surfers who compete

We prepare surf athletes before competition, trough a regular basis follow-up, based in muscular recovery, reducing fatigue levels and preventing injuries.
Also with SURFISIO onsite, at the competition venue, the athlete can benefit the Physiotherapist’s experience, which will guarantee all athletes competing a specific approach concerning:
- Warm-up
- Proprioceptive techniques
- Stretching and muscular relaxation
- Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries

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Complementary Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has 5.000 years of existence and has become an evidence based practice medicine with recognized and proven results, also among athletes in different sport modalities. It’s efficacy relies on the body’s energy balance, recurring to several techniques where Acupuncture and Phytotherapy are key.
At SURFISIO, we use this powerful tool to:
- get better mental and physical performance (important in training and competition)
- reducing post-exercise fatigue/ overtraining (mental and physical)
- overtraining injury prevention
- reducing injury recovery time

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Our training

Pedro Seixas


Certified Physiotherapist - Escola Sup. Saúde do Alcoitão (ESSA)

Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor - Universidade de Medicina Chinesa

Functional Training Coach

Advanced Medicine Life Support degree - International Surfing Medicine

Surfing Post-Graduation degree - Faculdade de Motricidade Humana

Gonçalo Santos


Certified Physiotherapist - Escola Superior de Saúde da Universidade Atlântica

Certified Osteopath - Escuela de Osteopatia de Madrid

Global Postural Reeducation (RPG) degree, by Philippe Souchard - Universite St. Mont

Functional Training Coach

Tomás Valente

Free Surfer / Profissional Surfer

With SURFISIO I started to feel more confidant while surfing, because we work to avoid injuries that may occur when we try more risky maneuvers, like aerials. When I get injured I know I have the best rehab treatment available, and feel more relieved to work with them , since they have experience with many other different athletes.

António Silva

Free Surfer and Big Wave Rider

I met SURFISIO back in 2011 because I have a low back chronic injury and the pain just didn´t go away. I had a tailor-made programme with SURFISIO, concerning physiotherapy, acupuncture and specific training that allowed me to travel to Indonesia and surf there for 3 months without any pain or discomfort. Since then I never had back pain anymore and I don´t skip any SURFISIO training, because I feel confidant and prepared either to everyday surfing or tow-in surfing. They are always available to help and advice, during and after injury.

Patrícia Lopes

Ex-Pro Surfer (11x National Surfing Champion)

SURFISIO’s weekly training has keep me fit for any physical activity. I also feel that all the training is surf-shaped, using specific materials that mimic surfing, based on functional training.

Carina Duarte


I’ve been working with SURFISIO since 2013, and I felt this would be good for me in terms of injury prevention and preparing/ recovering for training and competitive season. Having weekly sessions allows me to treat on time any problem that I might have, and with stretching and Chinese medicine I’ve been felling my body fit and ready to give 100% at all time.


A genuine Portuguese brand that has given great support to SURFISIO and surfing in Portugal



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